Fitglow Beauty

Fitglow Beauty started a decade ago as a dream of wanting to create natural, effective and easy to use products for women with an active lifestyle. Founder Anna grew up in Europe and always believed that we are what we eat and that our skin is just an extension of that. She spent over a decade working in technology while continuing to live an active lifestyle and furthering her knowledge in natural nutrition, formulating and skin. As little passion projects, she helped create products for other brands and did makeup for friends' wedding or photo shoots.

It wasn't until her life changed dramatically after a car accident restricted her normal life of work, travel and fitness. As a distraction to her daily migraines and pain, Anna slowly started to work on a few products for Fitglow, focusing on making others feel great when she didn’t feel her best.

What was born was a brand chock-full of skin soothing and healing ingredients in both skincare and makeup forms, that strives to customers feel great and lift their confidence so they can step into their world feeling great. When we feel great, says Anna, we have more confidence that can lead to taking the next great step in life.