Max and Me

Max and Me was born out of a love story. Filled with this beautiful energy, each wonderfully vibrant drop of these precious compositions tenderly embraces skin and soul. A truly transformational, beautifully holistic, purely organic, eco-luxury skincare line, Max and Me composes the most delightful, highly vibrant concoctions in its intimate little manufacture in Austria’s pure, pristine nature. Max and Me skincare is deeply connected with the higher energies and healing powers of nature, to nurture your innermost beauty, letting it shine through every cell, every pore—out into the world. Encouraging you to bring in your most beautiful talents as a loving, compassionate, inspirational spirit.

The most outstanding ingredient of the whole Max and Me line is high vibration, it transforms your skin, lifts your soul and makes your heart sing! High vibrational ingredients are not only more focused, more concentrated in their effects, but they also they suffuse your skin and your whole being with good energy, love and an exquisite harmony—aligning your cells, your tissues, your organs (with the skin being the largest organ) with their perfectly balanced innate structure and rhythm, having only one mission: to awaken the beauty of your skin—and your soul.