A native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent, renowed New York stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin founded Rahua (pronounced ra-wa) after learning about the restorative powers of rahua oil. Women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes have been using the highly potent oil, sourced from the Amazon rainforest, for decades, claiming it's the secret to their thick, lustrous hair. Fabian researched the oil's revitalizing effects, using it on his own clients and found dry, damaged strands sprang to life, color treatments remained shiny and true, and irritated scalps were calmed.

Fabian found the key to the rahua oil's incredible performance is its extraordinarily small molecular structure. It can deeply penetrate the hair's cortex, bonding and repairing it, while smoothing the hair's cuticle. For that reason, he made it the star ingredient in the Rahua Amazon Beauty line. The oil is sourced and processed by women in Amazonian nations such as Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua and Shuar through an earth-friendly, sustainable business so that a reverance for the rainforest and its indigenous cultures can be maintained while bringing the power of the Amazon to the rest of the world.