LILFOX Seabuck + Neroli Youthful Vixen Face Nectar

LILFOX Seabuck + Neroli Youthful Vixen Face Nectar

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A sensuous infusion of bio-active seed oils with skin repairing vitamin C rich essential oils of neroli, palmarosa and sparkling pink grapefruit. A deeply moisturizing and featherweight formula to deliver a radiant glow. The most... read more

A sensuous infusion of bio-active seed oils with skin repairing vitamin C rich essential oils of neroli, palmarosa and sparkling pink grapefruit. A deeply moisturizing and featherweight formula to deliver a radiant glow. The most moisturizing face nectar of the collection. Superstar ingredient seabuckthorn oil is full of vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C and B2 to help revitalize and plump cells, encourage faster regeneration, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. A nourishing nectar to soothe skin, scavenge free radical and deliver deep hydration all while stimulating cellular repair and growth. Skin will be firm, youthful and radiant.

Formulated to be enjoyed by all skin types, especially dry, stressed, mature, congested, irritated, and dull skin types. Soothing anti-inflammatory formula will provide plant nutrients and soothe skin troubled by environmental stresses like over exposure to the sun and pollution. Adored by those who love the green floral citrus aromatics of orange blossoms. 

SeaBuckThorn Seed + Berry Oil is superfood for the skin. With high amounts vitamins A, C and E, carotenes, flavonoids amino acids, it nourishes, revitalizes and restores skin. Seabuckthorn berries stimulate collagen production, combat wrinkles and dryness while reversing the effects of aging and pollution

Grapeseed Oil  improves overall skin health, tone and texture without clogging pores. Containing noteworthy amounts of bio-active omega 6 linoleic acid (65%) and omega 9 oleic acid (18%). Linoleic acid soothes skin, and helps it to repair and strengthens cell membranes. This oil also possesses anti inflammatory properties which not only prevents breakouts, but helps to cure any existing acne problems. 

Watermelon Seed Oil from Africa dissolves sebum buildup, unclogs pores due to the high content of omega acids and omega 6 linoleic acid. Its light texture absorbs quickly into skin while cleansing and moisturizing.

Argan Oil from Morocco is full of minerals, amino acids and vitamin E to improve skin elasticity, plump skin cells and effectively combats free radicals.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is an exotic oil rich in pucinic acid and it’s high polyphenol content makes it a strong antioxidant. A deeply penetrating and nutritious oil that fights free radicals and harmful UV rays.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil contains an exceptionally high proportion of vitamin E and vitamin A (retinol) as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Helpful in blocking harmful UV rays and damaging free radicals. Red Raspberry Oil is rich in alpha linolenic acid suggesting pronounced anti-inflammatory properties.

Neroli is a beautiful essential oil produced from the Citrus Aurantium tree's blossoms. Antibacterial, astringent, and cell regenerative. Neroli is a luxurious addition for cleansing, nourishing skin cells while balancing production of sebum. The exotic floral and green citrus aroma relaxes the nerves and soothes the heart. Helps one to reach a sensual awakening. 

Palmarosa helps balance sebum production and stimulate cell regeneration. The floral rosy and citrus aroma calms the nervous system while stimulating the immune system. 

Sandalwood possessing a combination of alpha and beta santalol which contribute to the sedative and anti-infectious effects of this beautiful astringent and skin healing oil.

Grapefruit is astringent and antibacterial. Adding a bright and sparkling aroma. (Safe dilutions are used by our essential oil therapist to avoid any phototoxic reactions with the sun.)

1 oz / 30 ml offered in a violet glass bottle with glass dropper. 

Free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. Vegan/Cruelty Free. Gluten Free.

After cleansing face saturate face with toning mist and press clean hands into face to provide hydration. Then apply 2-5 drops of face nectar and massage for one minute to stimulate circulation and detoxify lymph nodes. Use in the morning and or a night. Follow with more toning mist.

Maracuja Seed Oil, French Grapeseed Oil*, Watermelon Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil*, Baobob Oil*, Argan Kernel Oil*, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Sea buckthorn Seed + Berry Oil*, Black Raspberry Seed Oil*, Jojoba Wax*, Camellia Seed Oil*, Tocopherols (Vit.E/non-gmo), Proprietary Essential Oil Blend Including: Sandalwood + Neroli + Pink Grapefruit + Palmarosa*.