Zoe Organics

Zoe Organics was born out of founder Heather Hamilton's heart: When her sister-in-law Suzanne passed away leaving a young daughter behind, the organic product line that Heather had been working on for months began to take fuller shape as a testament to Suzanne. Zoe, which means "life," seeks to celebrate and cultivate life with organic products for mamas and babies. The line uses only the most pure ingredients, because they believe in the necessity of eliminating toxins from our bodies and the environment. Gentle formuations with potent ingredients are safe for use during pregnancy and on the littlest of babies, so that new families don't have to worry that the products they're using could be harmful to new babies. And Zoe Organics takes their care one step further by practicing fair trade and social responsibility, with the goal of enhancing lives in every community they touch.