Our Values


  • We believe that beauty is something we share with nature. It is something we embrace, not something we put on.
  • We think that all of nature embraces beauty, and that we as humans may be the worst at it.
  • We want to change this by having people, young and old, embrace the beauty that is ours.
  • One way to nurture this is to connect people and the planet.


One of our core values is to give back to our planet as gratitude for all she has given us.

She has suffered unforgivable abuse in the last century, and our company wants to help others be committed to changing the way we see her. This comes right from our founder, so for every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds will go towards caring for the planet.

  • We believe that if we are generous in our company’s infancy, we will grow in our generosity as the company grows. If we can’t create an online business model that is profitable and nurtures people and the planet, then we will die.
  • We will be aware of the unpreventable cost we are having on the planet, and if we cannot avoid it, we will give back. For example, shipping laws require us to use boxes to get our products to you.
  • We will purchase recyclable boxes, use vegetable-based dyes and plant 17 trees for every ton of cardboard we ship.


Ultimately we believe the top of the mountain in luxury would transcend anything material and awake in the possession of our planet and our shared beauty. We believe beauty and nature are at the heart of luxury.


We will be luxurious.

This means we are uncompromisingly committed to ensuring our customers' experience is great. We will challenge the status quo of online luxury stores, take risks, embrace challenges and listen to partners to allow them to create the company with us.

  • We will see beauty in places others don’t.
  • We want to see and experience beauty not in a new way, but in an expanded way.
  • We trust that over time, when people stop poisoning themselves from the outside in, they will become more beautiful from the inside out.


  • We will treat our people with kindness, fairness and openness.
  • We will see them not as property, but as family, and will train, mentor and prepare them to embrace whatever dreams they have.
  • When our people move on, we will have succeeded if they know their own beauty more, and embody a stronger connection to our planet. 
  • We believe people live out a story, so we want to create, expand, share and listen to a new story that will change the relationship with luxury, beauty and the planet.